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A coffee-script dsl...
for aws cloudformation templates
To use it, you'll need node.js. Then...
⚰ npm install -g coffin
⚰ coffin --help

  Usage: coffin [options] [command] 


    print [template]
    Print the compiled template.
    validate [template]
    Validate the compiled template. Either an AWS_CLOUDFORMATION_HOME environment variable or a --cfn-home switch is required.
    stack [name] [template]
    Create or update the named stack using the compiled template.
    compile [template]
    Compile and write the template. The output file will have the same name as the coffin template plus a ".template" extension.


    -h, --help          output usage information
    -V, --version       output the version number
    -o, --output [dir]  Directory to output compiled file(s) to
    -p, --pretty        Add spaces and stuff to the resulting json to make it a little prettier
    --cfn-home [dir]    The home of your AWS Cloudformation tools. Defaults to your AWS_CLOUDFORMATION_HOME environment variable.